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Embrace your inner strength and accept your weakness

Facts & Fiction: Spotify ⬅️ (image created on Canva)

I am not a hero, even in my own story.

People still perceive me as half the man they think they know.

And I’m cool with that because I know the real me (adaptable writer); that’s my superpower.

I am writing this article to share my journey of discovering my hidden talent for songwriting and producing digital music.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I don’t know how to play musical instruments, but I sang in the choir for years. And no, my voice didn’t really improve that much. I can carry a tune, but it’s not pleasant to the ears (heavy sigh).


Only you can cancel your show.

Be so good they can’t ignore you.” — Steve Martin

How could one be a writer when s/he is not fond of reading?

The majority, if not all, of the successful writers and even business magnates, profess their love of reading. For example, Stephen King, JK Rowling, Shonda Rhimes, Tina Fey, Oprah Winfrey, Cher Wang, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos.

From elementary up to my college years, I did not enjoy reading. I did, however, love hearing and telling stories. Whenever someone recommends a great book, I would often ask, “Is there like a movie version of…

A fiction writer’s introspection on building a brand’s story

I think it’s safe to say that we’re living in a surreal reality right now. Many people are finding it difficult to adjust to the so-called “New Normal.”

Nobody ever predicted when the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic will start, or better yet — when it will end.

The year 2020 was indeed a mixture of deep sadness, chaos, turmoil, uncertainty to many. At times it seemed like we were living a bad Sci-Fi reality.

What if I told you that Octavia Butler’s 1993 Science Fiction novel — “Parable of the Sower” resembled the reality we lived in in 2020?

Rap song dedicated to people suffering from Anxiety/Panic attacks

Meet Me Outside
Written by Dex Alvaro & Damian Simmons

Yo! Yeah. You?! Naw, nah, nah, nah, nah.
See, you, you could never

You ain’t the boss of me
You have no control over my destiny
You ain’t foolin’ me, creepin’ up uninvited
Filling my thoughts with negativity, unwarranted
Making me lose control, making my knees weak
You ain’t takin’ over me like you’re S-W-V
I know your Jedi mind tricks, you hack
Anxiety (Anxiety), your empire won’t strike back
You hope you see, I have you say that

Show yourself, you coward, ooh, meet me outside
Ooh, I know you’re…

Rap song dedicated to people suffering from PTSD

Written by Dex Alvaro & Damian Simmons

Yeah! This is dedicated to y’all suffering
Bottling up ’em dark memories of the past
Only to realize that it creeps up on ya
When you supposed to be relaxed
One, two, one, two, umm

It’s a story of being in the wrong place at the wrong time
The crime I witnessed was such a disgrace
An old lady attacked because of her race
The monster punched her, stomped her face
I acted quickly and recorded it all
Uploaded it so a lot of people could see it all
Interrogated by authorities to validate it
I was asked, “Why…

Rap song dedicated to athletes struggling with mental health issues

Written by Dex Alvaro & Damian Simmons

Y’all living vicariously through them
Your reverence uplifts every one of ‘em
Because you will never be like ‘em
Secretly you wanna destroy all of ‘em

Inside you’re fuming, building up steam
From the outside, they’re admired, revered, esteemed
Huffing and puffing, building up steam
Take ’em down now, destroy their self-esteem

The media questions their motives, plan of attack
Probing inquiries meant to bend, dent, crack
The narrative is that they signed up for scrutiny
When they all planned to be the public’s property
Like every dollar you spent justifies the words you vent
Fans will…

Tesla, Puma, McDonald’s, DoorDash, Burger King + Coca Cola, Air Jordan, PSA ads

Digital mock-up banner ads

The Anthem song for those born in the year 2000

Listen to the song ⬅️

Two K Baby
Written by Dex Alvaro

Once upon a time, you were free
To live your life as you desire
But you realized that your plans
Were nothing to your deity
Grown-ups say I am entitled
When I say things like, “Don’t wanna drown in debt.”
They claim I am the spoiled type
Flawed argument, indeed

I’m a Two K Baby
I’m a Two K Baby

So my eyes are fixed on my phone
Staring at my friend’s stories
Rejoicing at their wins
We control our narratives
Even when antagonized
I am mobile and free

Accused of putting on…

Tagalog song about destiny

Listen to the song ⬅️

By Dex Alvaro

Noong ako’y musmos at bata pa
Hindi ko akalaing makakasama kita
Ang katunayan ay hindi kita kilala
Ni hindi kita naisip, o nagugunita

Tadhana, kaibigan ka daw ng tatay ko
Tadhana, bakit galit ang nanay ko sa ‘yo?
Tadhana, kailan ka lilisan sa buhay ko?
Tadhana, alam ko ang patutunguhan ko

O, Tadhana, tama na, O, Tadhana
Tadhana, lumayas ka na, Tadhana

Sabi ni nanay, “O, anak, kay sarap ang mangarap.”
Sabi ni tatay, “Kapag may sikap, abot mo ang ulap.”
Nagtiis at nagtiyaga, ngunit sinupalpal ni Tadhana
Hinablot ni Tadhana aking pangarap, pinagpakumbaba

Tadhana, kaibigan…

Anti-Online Bullying song

Listen to the song ⬅️

Fade Away
(Music & Lyrics by Dexter Alvaro)

Does hate fade away? (fade away)
Fade away
Does hate fade away? (fade away)
Fade away

Internet pain is in demand
Not a public good (No, man)
Too much to handle
Heavy drama (heavy drama’s too much to handle)
Even influencers
Hawking merch (for a dollar)
Hate please go away
Fade away (fade away)

Digital villains
Inflict internet pain
Filled with jealousy
Hate, hostility

Digital love is fake
Don’t fall for it, mate
Make no mistake
Vanity, your soul, she’ll take

Internet love is tough
Social landscape’s rough (yup)
Stop chasing likes
It’s an endless…

Dex Alvaro

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